Mental Health

Something you don’t often hear about when starting an exercise program is the mental training involved.  Just like we are training our muscles to endure longer distances, we need to train our minds too!

Let’s mentally set ourselves up for success!

For some, this is going to be the longest, most intense thing you have done. Congratulations! You will be awesome! What you need you to do is commit to that success.

Make the decision ahead of time that you WILL show up on Saturdays and put the miles in. You WILL talk yourself through the long walks with positive, encouraging messages like,

“I can do this!”

“Look how amazing I am that I am even out here!”

“I am going to feel SO good when this is done.”

Leave yourself no room for quitting.

It can get a little grueling being out there hours on end. That is one reason we are training in a group.  The conversations help pass the time and we can encourage each other.  Make new friends…

We are all in this together!