Rule of thumb:

A simple way to remember how much water to consume is to drink half your body weight in ounces. So a 140 pound woman should consume 70 oz. of water each day.  If the day includes strenuous activity or a long run, you will want to increase the fluid intake.

The general guideline for water consumption while running/walking is a sip or two every five minutes, when going over 20 minutes.  That said, hydration actually occurs the day before your longer distance.  Remember to re-hydrate after a long distance too.

The goal we have for each of you is to have your own water belt device by the time we hit six miles.  Start asking questions of friends that have then, read online, borrow one if you can. Remember, Portland Running Company, Road Runner Sport (in Tualatin) and REI are all nearby sources.  Shop around until you find one that will work for you!

Sports Drinks

Read the ingredients!

Avoid high sugar drinks such as Gatorade. The amount and type of sugar they put in Gatorade is not productive. Watch out for high fructose corn syrup – contrary to the recent commercial – it is NOT the same as sugar and certainly not better for you! Your body cannot break it down and use it the way it needs to for performance.


What you want to look for is “electrolyte” replacement, checking the sodium and potassium levels.  This is the one situation where you want sodium to replace what is sweat out.

  • Luna makes a powder in several flavors (REI, formulated specifically for women)
  • Knudson makes several flavors of a recovery drink (health food section of Fred Meyer)
  • Gu makes a powder (REI)
  • Heed makes a powder and may offer a liquid drink as well (Portland Running Company)

You will need to experiment with a drink to find one that works for you and then stick with it. When race day comes you want your body to be familiar and used to whatever you are using. The electrolyte replacement will help with fatigue and muscle performance. It is important!