A mid-route fueling option is similar to sports drinks, it delivers important fuel to the muscles. It differs in that these substances deliver more carbohydrates for muscle food.  Both are necessary for optimum muscle output.  It can take some getting used to before your system adjusts to eating while exercising but you will feel a difference. There are several forms available. Clif blox and Sports beans are two types of fuel.  They can be taken before, during and after a long run or walk.

There are post-event recovery powders available.  Sometimes that is a nice and easy option for getting your protein and carbs back in.  Just make sure you get something within that first 30 minutes, a snack, a bar, a shake, something.  And remember to re-hydrate!

Rule of Thumb:

At an hour of exercise and you need to have a sports drink.

Exercise for more than an hour and you need to add (in addition) a fuel source.

You will want a gel or gummy/bar portion every 4 miles or 45 minutes.  That looks like one at mile 4 and 8, roughly, during a half marathon.  You can take one at the start if you would like, as well.  It can also be used as a good post run refuel is you don’t have any other source of snack.