Dates and Times:

Meet at 7:50am, hit the road at 8am sharp!


Vose Elementary School
11350 SW Denney Rd
Beaverton, OR 97008

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Ruth Neill Jones

Ruth Neill-Jones




Jane Jackson



Erin Sanesi

Erin Sanesi



Maps under construction, click here for your towns' Facebook group for weekly routes.

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3 mile

Beaverton: 3 mile

4 mile

Beaverton: 4 mile

5 mile

Beaverton: 5 mile

6 mile

Beaverton: 6 mile

7 mile

Beaverton: 7 mile

8 mile

Beaverton: 8 mile

9 mile

Beaverton: 9 mile

10 mile

Beaverton: 10 mile

11 mile

Beaverton: 11 mile